Jessica, Hoyt, Sookie, Bill - S2.04 (16) Screen Caps - Shake & Fingerpop / True Bloodletting courtesy of the Concrete Blondes and Jessica Hamby

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Love the range of emotions Jessica especially, goes through. Mortification, anger and incredulousness. Embarrassment, relief and puppy love eyes when Hoyt says he believes Jessica, not Bill. Indignation and anger, when she tells Bill off first for turning her and feeling "like shit" for it--an insightful call for a 17-y.o.--then for not being fair by assuming she was "hunting" Hoyt, when she was having her very first kiss, and then embarrassment again when she complains to Bill that she did not know that her fangs came out when she got turned on. Nicely played by Deborah Ann Woll.

Images property of HBO. Caps done by to whom I am grateful. Visit them to see literally thousands more--just from this episode!

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True Bloodletting courtesy of the Concrete Blondes and Jessica Hamby

<p>This video starts out kind of underwhelming but it builds to include some of the more memorable "Jessica" (Deborah Ann Woll) scenes including her violent turning, her awakening and the comedic aftermath with a flummoxed Bill, her return to Bill's home, "The Walk" through Merlotte's with all eyes on her luminosity, and her first kiss with Hoyt followed by a new discovery about her physiology.</p>

"True Bloodletting courtesy of the Concrete Blondes and Debra Ann Woll as the Hot Vampire Brat Jessica Hamby in HBO's True Blood Series. I made this video because I'm a fan of the actress and the music! "
Thank you to ggubash @YouTube!
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