'Scratches' S2xE3 (15) - When Jessica Met Hoyt - 'Sex & Candy' - Bill & Sookie Walk in on H & J - Bill & Eric, Sookie & Dr. Ludwig

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With "Sex and Candy" playing in the background, Jessica makes a solo entrance into Merlotte's and soon after catches Hoyt Fortenberry's attention.

Cute and sexy.

Deborah Ann Woll, Jim Parrack

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I love the videos that xdanceintherainx makes. A thousand thank yous! Go check them out.

I loved too, this scene with Sookie and Bill macking on one another only to find Jessica and Hoyt on the couch--doing something.

SPOILERish!!! I've read that Jessica (Debra Ann Woll) and Hoyt (Jim Parrack) will be together at least for a few eppys, maybe longer, if she doesn't get him or even herself killed :( . I hope longer as I think both of them are fun to watch. They are both quite endearing. The problem that I did have with the scene was the time lapse. I realize that the events with Hoyt and Jessica and those of Sookie and Bill (and Eric) were to have taken place at the same time but it wasn't a smooth transition for me and it felt forced. Hoyt should have been half-eaten by Jessica by the time Bill and Sookie showed up, YKWIM? Glad he wasn't, but geez.