True Blood - S2.07 (19) & S2.08 (20) - 'Release Me'/'Time Bomb' HQ Screen Caps

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A couple things about the screen caps above: As I've been saying for a week, unless Alan Ball is pulling a fast one, Jason is shot by Sarah Newlin with a blob of red paint. It appears that both of them are missing the "meeting the morning" lock-in ceremony. Maybe that is for the best for both of them .:p Are the two thumbs above of Eric who clearly is healing from having silver chains around his neck and Steve Newlin in sequence? It appears that Steve is pitching or falling forward---has Eric killed him? It seems like we are missing a frame or two ( maybe more) here. I was wrong about the couple in bed.That is clearly Jessica --her vamp teeth are visible and I guess that's Hoyt's hairline--it just seems odd-looking to me. Thanks to Jen S, who helped me out on this. :)

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