True Blood - Season 2 Finale "Beyond Here Lies Nothin'" HD Promo Screen Caps - Wallpapers!

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Anyone want to guess what's going on here? It can't be reality, can it? Looking for clues, not finding many. Merlotte's looks normal. EDIT/ No wait, not quite normal. It looks like filming equipment in the background and none of the "customers" have drinks. /End edit/ Sam and Tara seem physically intact--what can this mean besides they both survive to have author Charlaine Harris drop by for a visit? Very little here other than Maryann seems non-menacing at this moment. I'm sure it will not last. OK. What is with the red wig or red hair with the bow? Is that Arlene's daughter? That makes no sense! Why are Jason's eyes not black? Is she choosing to not "turn" him or can she not do so? Thank you to Rhoswen who has done a ton of work not only on wallpapers but with screencaps! :)

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Re: True Blood - Season 2 Finale "Beyond Here Lies Nothin'" Wallpapers!

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