Valerie Cruz - Isabel, Godric's surviving lieutenant

Posted by Cyn Cyn

Godric appointed Isabel to take over his rulership of the Dallas area, (though she verbally resisted--it seems up in the air with Stan dead--maybe not).

Godric & Isabel, Godric's co-incommand previously with the now-dead Stan. Valerie Cruz - Allan Hyde

Valerie Cruz. You've seen her before--like in last season's Dexter. She was awesome in True Blood as Isabel, one of Godric's lieutenants, in her coolness after her boyfriend made her look horrible in front of everyone humans and vamps at Godric's lair.. Good that Stan went as he'd have never let her forget it. Her dumb human FotS-loving bf probably could be blamed for at least part of the explosion at Godric's lair. Worst. Breakup. Ever. Gah. Humiliating. But then Stan dies and shortly thereafter (dawn, actually) Godric was gone with the rising sun.

Isabel is stopping Eric which means she may be really old? It was weird, she seemed like a vampire of maybe Lorena's age. Godric characterized Lorena as "an old vampire" when he was throttling her after she was attempting to rip Sookie's throat open. Also, Isabel said she had known Godric a "long time." When you factor in Godric's age it sort of points to Isabel as an "old vampire, too. I thought Valerie Cruz was both beautiful and appealing as Isabel--yet still obviously a vampire--with a long life history. Have to wonder who she was 100, 200, 300(?) years ago. Would love to see her have a recurring role on True Blood. Godric ceded his territory sheriff-ship to her. It could play really well --and don't she and Alexander S. look great together here?