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HBO to Godric: RIP 7 Ways! - 'Release Me' - S2xE7 (19) Recap - "They certainly don't keep well"
— by Cyn Cyn

In an effort to console fans of True Blood's "Godric," played by 20 year-old Danish actor, Allan Hyde, HBO has released a series of downloadable photographs styled to appear as memorial cards, each with quotes from the 2000 year-old vampire adjacent to a True Blood scene in which Godric appeared.

Really hard to know if these were planned prior to the huge fan response to Godric but it is probably a moot point as fans just love this kind of stuff. (I outta know!)

You can download them as a zip file, presumably to make it easier to share with fellow Godric-loving Truebies.

Update 4.9.10/ I'll need to go and find another link as they have disabled this one. Sorry!

Here is the page link on the HBO site for the 7 Godric memorial cards.

I've posted all seven Godric cards here as well. Click to embiggen them.








One question. Why did they Photoshop Eric's bloody tears out? Or were they Photoshopped in for the episode?

A.N. I never expected to be making a True Blood fan vid. I've never really been into this fandom but after watching the most recent few eps I was won over by a 2000 year old teddy bear. No one on True Blood has made me cry like Godric has which was why I decided to delve into this unknown fandom and try my hand at a fan vid. Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making this. " - Catt001 LOL! Eric doing his best deadpan ;) response to Isabel's explanation about what attracts her to humans.

Yay! HBO just released a new sneak peek of Sunday's episode of True Blood, and our favorite Viking vampire, Eric Northman is getting cranky. Press play above to see what he and Isabel have in store for the Fellowship of the Sun.

"True Blood: Eric Mocks the Foolish Humans" LOL! Eric doing his best deadpan ;) in response to Isabel's explanation about what attracts her to humans. True Blood Sneak Peek - S2xE7 - Release Me- "They certainly don't keep well"

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