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True Blood - S2xE4 (16) Shake & Fingerpop - Tara's Birthday Party Orgy - NSFW - Sam & Daphne/Tara & Eggs Get Close
— by Cyn Cyn

Tara's Orgy-Birthday party - Terry and Arlene in the throes.

Terry and Arlene in the throes.

This set (CLICK photo see the album in FULL) focuses mostly on Tara's birthday party with all of the NSFW shots Including Sam & Daphne/Tara & Eggs getting close.

What's in the photo album above is the party Maryann is throwing for Tara's birthday as it progresses <cringes>. There is Eggs and Tara as they progressively disrobe and Eggs' backside is seen.

(Tara) Rutina Wesley was shy, it seems.

Sam and the mysterious, back-scratched Daphne had some touchy-feely moments as well as but less so, Arlene (waitress) and Terry Bellefleur, (part time cook at Merlotte's).

It's been about a month since Sookie killed Arlene's fiance Rene, though even without Maryann's magic Arlene and Terry were getting ready to hook up. They are the most chaste couple here.

When the True Blood actors were queried about Season 2 prior to it starting, several of them spoke of the writer's amping things up . Sam Trammell expressed shock at how far out the story is going and he's been in the business for some time.

Much of the orgy-type behaviour like the eating of dirt equals descending into near-madness and is going to continue SPOILER through the last episode while sustaining a fever pitch until based on the photos I've seen of "Bon Temps"/ Clinton, LA, everyone is just going to "explode" as Maryann exits (though I have no information at all of Maryann's fate--just guessing).

Images belong to HBO. Thanks to who made the screen caps. I did the

Eggs and Tara make make love - True Blood - Shake & Fingerpop, S2xE4 -Click at top of page to see the album. There are over 100 HQ screencaps. I did a bit of tweaking of the images.

Sam and Daphne, shifters both. Sadly, Daphne loses her heart to Eggs (Literally.) S2xE4

This is about as racy as Arlene and Terry ever got. On-camera, anyway.

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